RBLP-T Certification

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Resilience-Building Leadership Professional™ (RBLP™) is for Front-Line Supervisors

Organizations need front-line supervisors that can build resilient teams. Building resilient teams that can work together to overcome adversity in a challenging environment is a core competency for leaders at all levels. Resilient teams are stronger together and they make organizational learning and change possible.

RBLP-T Application Requirements


RBLP-T applicants must meet one of the following education and experience requirements:

​High school diploma or global equivalency plus (20) years of full-time leadership experience; or​

Associate’s degree plus (16) years of full-time direct and/or shared leadership experience; or

Bachelor’s degree plus (12) years of full-time leadership experience; or

Graduate degree plus (8) years of full-time direct and/or shared leadership experience; or​

U.S. Military personnel and veterans at paygrades W2-W5, and E7-E9.

Applicants for RBLP-T certification must currently serve in a senior leader role or previously served in a senior leader role.Senior leaders are responsible for cross-functional objectives and results. They may provide guidance and direction to one or more middle managers. Senior leaders support organizational learning and change. They develop and implement strategies to achieve the organization's vision. Senior leaders have substantial relevant expertise and experience. An organization may have multiple layers of senior leadership.

Correlation of senior leader work experience to military pay grades.

U.S. military personnel (or AU, NZ, UK, and CA equivalents) currently serving at paygrades O3 and above, W2-W5, and E7-E9 are eligible for RBLP-T certification. Military veterans that have previously served at these paygrades are also eligible.


Applicable leadership training may be considered as mitigation for up to 20% of the leadership experience requirement.

RBLP-T Certification Exam Requirements


During the 3.5-hour oral RBLP-T certification exam, the applicant is required to show competence of factual (what), conceptual (why), and procedural knowledge (how) in each of the following competency domains:

Create Positive Climate

Develop Cohesion

Provide Purpose

Facilitate Team Learning

Support Organizational Learning

Applicants that pass this exam are awarded the Resilience-Building Leadership Professional Trainer (RBLP-T) certification.


Cost: $2275

RBLP-T Recertification Requirements: Recertification is required every three years. Applicants are required to schedule and attend the RBLP-T Recertification Course conducted via video conference and pay the recertification course fee (currently $195) in order to keep their RBLP-T certification current.

On section V of your application please select you are working with an Authorized Training Partner for your  exam prep and type in Accessible Leader